Virus Removal

There is nothing worse than when viruses start affecting the performance of your computer. They can slow down your desktop’s or laptop’s processing speed, corrupt your files, or even damage the integrity of your computer.

While virus protection software can help to prevent viruses from harming your personal or business computer system, they can rarely protect you from all the viruses, malware, and spyware out there. When your business, schoolwork, or personal hobby depends on access to the data stored on your computers, it is important that you protect it by any means necessary.

How Do I Know if My Computer Has Viruses?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your desktop or laptop is being affected by various types of malicious software. Use these simple tips to know when you need to call the professionals. You might have a virus when:

  • – Your computer has become unresponsive
  • – Your desktop or laptop crashes often
  • – You have to restart your computer frequently to make sure it continues to function
  • – Your desktop or laptop is working much more slowly than usual
  • – The pop-up blockers you’ve installed aren’t working anymore
  • – You have been informed by your friends or ISP that your computer is sending spam
  • – Your Internet has slowed or stopped working altogether

If your desktop or laptop is experiencing one or more of those symptoms, its definitely time to call the professionals.

Virus’s can steal your personal information and passwords

Once infected it’s very important to disconnect the machine from the internet and power to prevent further infection and transmission of your personal data.

Then get the machine to one of our virus removal specialists immediately.

Our Virus Removal Methods

Whether your virus problem is extensive and complicated or simple and relatively easy to fix, our computer specialists can make sure that your computer makes a full recovery. After we are finished with your computer, you won’t have to worry about slow speeds or frequent crashing.

We’ll work on your desktop or laptop until we’ve discovered where the viruses are and how to get rid of them. Additionally, we’ll keep in communication with you so you know how long it will take and what kind of labor will be involved.

To get rid of those pesky viruses today, call InVision Computers or stop by one of our locations today!