About Us

InVision Computers started in 1996 and has been steadily growing ever since. What started out as a small business endeavor has grown into a company capable of serving both local and international customers.

Though our company is ever-growing, we still live by our original motto: “We make computers do what you want them to do.” It is as simple as that. We like to keep a small business mentality in that we value customer satisfaction over everything else. In everything we do, whether we are selling a new computer, customizing a computer, doing repair work, or networking, we make sure that you are completely happy.

Now Serving Small Business and Residential Computer Users

When we started InVision Computers, we served residential customers who had computer troubles. Over time, many of our clients have referred their friends and employers to us, and we have been helping small businesses with their IT systems ever since.

We work best with businesses with fifty or fewer workstations, although we can accommodate more. We are also more than happy to help any individual who needs any of our computer services.

Here at InVision Computers, we want your business to recognize the importance of your computer system. You likely rely heavily on email, the internet, and accounting programs, and you don’t realize how debilitating it is to have to go without those items until your network is down.

That’s where we can help. We can fill the place of a full-time IT employee by coming out to your business to perform maintenance and repair every few months or as needed. When you have an account with InVision Computers, we can give you peace of mind by being your IT team.

Call InVision Computers, where we can help you as an individual or a small business flourish in a technological world!