Network and Printer Setup

Depending on your level of experience when handling computers, you might not know how to setup your network, Wi-Fi, or printer with the computers, especially if you have just purchased a new one. While this process might be rather uncomplicated with a single computer intended for personal use, it can get more complicated for a small business with 10, 20, or even 50 computers to manage. Even in today’s homes networks are getting more and more complicated. Let the professionals at InVision Computers help.

Whether you only have one computer or you have fifty, InVision Computers can come out to your home or business to wire in or connect all the computers to the network and can also make sure that all of the computers have shared access to the printer/fax/copy machines.

Our Small Business Clients

At InVision Computers, we want to help your business succeed. We can do that by being available whenever you need maintenance performed on your business computers.

Additionally, our computer technicians can answer any questions you ever have about your business’ computers. Since we might only come out to your business a few times a year, hiring us would be cheaper than hiring a full-time IT employee.

We also offer remote support so you can have immediate access to our team.

InVision Computers is also Provides Internet from Comcast and Clear!

If you haven’t yet established your internet connection for your home or business, we can set you up with either Comcast or Clear for internet access.

By letting InVision Computers be your contact for either Comcast or Clear, we will always be available to help you with internet questions or concerns. Whenever you need help with your internet access, we can come out to your home or business to make sure that everything is working perfectly. You won’t likely get the same level of service by going through Clear or Comcast directly.  We also can be sure that you choose the right service plan for your needs.

Whether you are looking for an internet provider or just need help setting up the network you already have, InVision Computers can help! Call one of our locations now!