Screen Replacement

Sometimes, your screen on your desktop or laptop will break due to some kind of damage. Though the hardware and software often still works just fine, the computer will not be usable until the screen is repaired. When you come to InVision Computers, we can order a new screen and install it for you at a competitive price.

There are many reasons why a screen would break, including:

  • – Dropping your laptop
  • – Letting your kids play with your computer
  • – Damaging your computer during travel
  • – Exposing the screen to high temperatures

No matter what has caused the damage to your screen, we can make sure that you get a brand new screen that works just as well, if not better, than the last.

Is It Cost Effective to Replace a Laptop Screen?

If your laptop screen is shattered and needs to be replaced, you might think that is would be a good time for you to upgrade to a newer version. However, this greatly depends on the value of your laptop and how much the screen costs. Sometimes, the screen can be as inexpensive as $50, which, even when you factor in labor costs, would likely be cost effective for you.

However, if you want to just get a new laptop and avoid the repair fees all together, we can help you with that as well.

Leave Screen Replacement to the Professionals

Though you might notice many YouTube videos and do-it-yourself guides for how to replace your own laptop screen, you run the risk of damaging other, more expensive parts of the computer, especially if you have never replaced a screen before.

Our computer professionals are trained in computer repair and laptop screen replacement so you can always be confident that your computer will be in a better condition than when you gave it to us.

Come to one of our locations in either Clearfield, Roy or Ogden today or call us now to have your laptop screen replaced!