InVision Computers in Ogden

Due to the success of our Clearfield Store, we decided to expand by creating a new shop on Washington Boulevard in Ogden, and now in Roy as well. Now we have three times as many computer specialists and three times as many resources to help you with any computer problem or request you might have.


Ogden Services

Just like we have at our Clearfield store, we can provide a wide range of computer services and computer sales. Our services in Ogden include:

  • – Repairing or replacing damaged computer hardware
  • – Customizing new computers
  • – Installing new software or hardware
  • – Selling & Building custom computers
  • – Upgrading your computer’s hardware or software
  • – Repairing computer screens
  • – Helping small businesses with their computer network
  • – Performing data recovery services
  • – Designing websites for your personal or business use
  • – Offering help for network and printer set up
  • – Virus & Spyware removal

Whether you are looking for a newer, faster computer that is customized for your personal taste or you need your computer repair, we promise to offer speedy and quality services while we make the computer do what you want it to.

Data Recovery

Currently, our more popular computer repair service in Ogden is data recovery. We help our clients get important information off their desktops or laptops that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. By offering this service, we have helped many of our residential customers and several small businesses get back on their feet after a computer catastrophe.

Sometimes, you forget to back up your data or you don’t worry about it because you trust your computer to function right all the time. By doing that, however, you run the risk of losing important files. If that has happened to you, don’t worry. Almost all if not all of the data can be restored to you in most cases.

If you have a computer question or request, stop by our Ogden store today!