Computer Upgrades

When your computer is outdated and is becoming less and less useful, you might think that it is time to invest in a completely new computer with all the newest bells and whistles. However, if that really isn’t in your personal or business budget, you can make your current computer faster and better than new with a few computer upgrades.

Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, our computer technicians at InVision Computers can install upgrades to your computer that will give it more functionality and more speed than it had originally.

Upgrades are great for small businesses because you will be able make your work more efficient, no matter which programs you run on a regular basis. If you need upgrades for your business’ computers, we can come out to your office to upgrade everything anytime.

Types of Upgrades

No matter what brand of computer you have, we will be able to upgrade it. Some of the upgrades we offer include but are not limited to:

  • – Increasing your computer’s RAM
  • – Changing out old hardware for newer hardware
  • – Replacing the Network card or adding a wireless network card.
  • – Replacing or adding a graphics card
  • – Upgrading the hard drive for more storage space (Increased Storage Capacity & Speed)
  • – Installing a faster, newer processor
  • – Switching out your CD drive for a DVD or Blue Ray Drive

If you don’t see the upgrade you want on this list, call one of our stores today because we will still be able to perform the upgrade for you.

With an upgraded computer, all of the things you do will be so much easier, faster, and less frustrating. Give InVision Computers the chance to change the way you use your computer.

When getting the newest, fastest computer isn’t a real possibility, upgrading your current computer is the next best thing! Come in to one of our locations either in Clearfield, Roy or Ogden to take advantage of our experience and expertise!